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Monthly Archives: August 2016

15 08, 2016

Lightning Storm Safety: How Easton Area Residents Can Protect Themselves This Season

By |2018-03-19T06:19:43-04:00August 15th, 2016|Safety|

Every year in the U.S. alone an average of thirty-one people are killed by lightning, with many more left seriously injured. While most of these strikes are on victims outside during the time of the storm, a surprisingly high number of individuals inside are still affected each year. Below we’ve [...]

5 08, 2016

Water Filtration System – The Solution To Have Clean Drinking Water!

By |2018-03-19T06:19:43-04:00August 5th, 2016|Water Filtration|

With the onset of the tap water contamination crisis in Flint, Michigan, more cities have come under scrutiny concerning their water quality levels. Cities such as Bethlehem, Allentown and others have discovered higher than acceptable levels of lead and other contaminants. Not only has this been the case with municipal [...]