Which heating solution is right for your home in Lehigh Valley, PA

With winter fast approaching, you need to make sure you have the right heating solution in your Lehigh Valley PA home. Which heating solution is right for you? There are many factors that you need to take into account before choosing the heating for your home. There are pros and cons with all of them, so let’s have a look at what is available and the advantages of each.

Home heating system Lehigh Valley, PA
  • Furnaces
    Furnaces work by having a flame fueled by oil or gas. The heat from this flame is transferred to a heat chamber where a blower transfers this warm air into the duct system of your home to heat it up. Gas furnaces are relatively inexpensive to install and maintain (compared to other types of heating systems) however you do run the risk of having several “cold spots” throughout your home. Electric furnaces are even cheaper than gas furnaces.
  • Boilers
    A boiler uses hot water to heat up your home. Gas or oil is used as fuel to heat the water and the water is then transferred through the pipes of your home. Boilers tend to be cleaner to run than furnaces as they don’t push air (thus avoiding pushing allergens and unclean air through the home). They are however, more expensive to install and to maintain.
  • Dual-fuel system
    The Dual-fuel system is  a system that combines a boiler or a furnace with a heat pump. This offers you the best features of both types of systems, resulting in a highly-efficient heating solution.
Home heating system Lehigh Valley, PA

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