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It’s now time to consider shutting down the heating system that has served the household so well during the winter months and gearing up for summer by switching on home cooling equipment. As part of this process, homeowners must now look toward the future summertime and begin to analyze their equipment performance levels in terms of efficiency. To help property owners across Phillipsburg, Bethlehem, Nazareth and Stewartsville meet their home cooling efficiency objectives, HVAC contractor Edwin Stipe Inc. offers these three tips:
    1. Harness Ceiling Fans   Many homeowners are dependent upon their home ventilation systems for cooling during the summer months. But instead of continually utilizing these systems to achieve the optimal temperature within the property, it’s far more efficient to use ceiling fans. By installing ceiling fans within all common areas of their property, homeowners can reduce their home energy costs significantly in comparison to continuous operation of air conditioning systems. Homeowners might also choose to install one large fan within an attic area in order to provide complete air circulation throughout the home.


    1. Increase Thermostat Temperature   Just a few degrees’ increase in temperature on the thermostat can help homeowners make comprehensive savings on their summer energy bills. A temperature of 25 Celsius/77 Fahrenheit is recommended as the optimal temperature for comfort and energy efficiency. Homeowners can also make great savings on their home cooling bills by turning their thermostat off when they leave their property. It’s important to have a full understanding of thermostat functionality. By learning how to program the system to turn off at specific times of the day when occupants are at work, property owners can save themselves hundreds of dollars annually.


  1. Ensure Optimal Insulation   Most homeowners understand the importance of insulation during the winter months, but insulation can be just as important in protecting against large cooling bills in the summer. Property owners should ensure that all areas around windows and doors are sealed optimally utilizing the latest caulking systems. It’s also important that the flue is closed on fireplaces to stop warm air from penetrating the home and increasing the in-home air temperature. Working with a local area HVAC contractor can help resolve any challenges that might occur when completing summer-time insulation work.

As a trusted HVAC contractor serving communities across New Jersey, the team at Edwin Stipe Inc. has great experience helping homeowners ready their property for the summer season. We can work with homeowners to help improve the value of any air conditioning system. To learn more on how to make great savings with the latest home cooling efficiency tips, contact our in-house specialists directly at 610-258-0201. Qualified service team members are standing by to answer all questions.

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