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HVAC Systems Allentown, PA

Our HVAC company provides a one-stop heating and cooling shop. Whether you need a new installation, need to maintain an existing system, or need to repair a heating or cooling unit, our team is on standby 24-hours a day to help you. We serve both residential and commercial clients and offer the best brands and warranties for your HVAC needs.

HVAC Repair Allentown

HVAC Allentown, PA
  • As dirty filters can cause an overflow, they can create dirty filters that need to be replaced. It’s also possible that you are starting to notice wear and tear on the heating or cooling unit because of over usage or age. If your heating or cooling system is suffering from a lack of maintenance or needs immediate repair, then we are the people you should call. We will assess the situation and will ensure you get the right diagnosis, repair services, advice, and parts that you need.
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Why Hire us in Allentown for HVAC Systems Repairs and Installations?

  • High-quality workmanship
  • 24-hour plumbing, heating, and cooling
  • We provide cost-saving and safety practices
  • We take a hands-on approach
  • Quality equipment and brands
  • Best warranties
  • Licensed and insured

Why Choose Edwin Stipe, Inc. as HVAC Contractors in Allentown, PA?

Our organization is one of the oldest, largest, and best for HVAC Allentown. Our trucks are on call by radio not only during normal service hours, we are also available around the clock for emergencies. You can always depend on our being available when you need us most. We guarantee it. Contact us for more information or schedule a service today.

Thank you so much for the extremely prompt service. Everyone, the office staff, the technicians, and Henry was so great to deal with. It is nice to deal with a company that cares. I will highly recommend your company to anyone I meet.
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