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As a leading plumbing, heating and air conditioning company, Edwin Stipe Inc. has a high reputation for quality service. Throughout our long history, it has always been our mission to employ the best people and provide the most cost effective service and quality equipment, as well as offer the best warranties available to our customers.

Our HVAC and plumbing company is one of the oldest, largest and best in the Lehigh Valley and western New Jersey. Our plumbing and HVAC technicians are on call by radio during normal service hours, and available around the clock for emergencies. You can always depend on our being available when you need us most. We guarantee it. A company does not stay in business for over a century without customers who return year after year, decade after decade. We take our clients’ needs to heart and make it our number one priority to provide all plumbing, heating and air conditioning services at affordable prices. Our technicians and plumbers will make sure that your home is not disrupted by unnecessary messes and will always clean up after ourselves.

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About Edwin Stipe, Inc.

Whether you are investing in PlumbingHeating or Air Conditioning for your home or business, it is important that you know you are employing a reputable company that will offer you a broad choice of quality equipment, that will stand behind their products and services well beyond the initial sale, and that will be there in the future to assure that you receive the maximum return on your investment.

Edwin Stipe, Inc., has been recognized nationally as a plumbing, heating and air conditioning company with a high level of customer satisfaction. We aim to keep it that way.

Choose Edwin Stipe as Your HVAC and Plumbing Company

Our dedicated staff at Edwin Stipe Inc. offers a wide variety of services and you can rest assured that your plumbing, heating and air conditioning needs are in good hands and well taken care of. There is no need for you to make calls to different companies. As an HVAC plumbing company, we’re your air conditioning company, heating company and plumber, all packed into one dedicated team who’ll be there every step of the way!

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There are various other problems that can also affect a typical sewer line, which is why it is important to remain alert and proactive about checking for signs of blockage. To prevent future problems from occurring, make sure to have your septic tank inspected at least every three to five years. This will allow an experienced Roto-Rooter expert to carefully inspect your septic system for signs of breaks or cracks. Typically, this allows us to correct the problem with a small repair service and can help to prevent costly replacements.

Simply cleaning out the sewer line, or completing spot repairs, can usually take care of the problem. However, if the problem is too far along, then your technician may need to recommend a costly replacement. They will likely complete a camera inspection to detect the source of the problem and can then advise you of your service options.


In some cases, it is more affordable to simply replace the sewer line, rather than trying to repair it. If your pipes are made of inferior materials, they are more susceptible to leaks, damage, and root intrusion. This can lead to severe problems in the future, which will cost more than the original replacement would have. A Roto-Rooter plumbing expert can discuss the options with you so that you can choose what is right for your needs and budget.

clogged toilet

Clogged drain or toilet

The most common red flags, sewer main cleaners say, are water backing up out of a drain or the toilet plumbing, or a gurgling sound coming from the drains.
“Your house is basically going to talk to you,” says Tammy Sims, senior technician with R & S Sewer Cleaning in Indianapolis. “If you notice that when you’re done with the washing machine, the toilets start percolating – it sounds like a coffee pot percolating – or you’ll get water around the floor drain in the basement, that’s one of the first telltale signs.”
Clogs can occur in the main sewer line or one of the secondary lines, Sims says.
“Your house is basically set up like a tree,” Sims says. “You have one main trunk line that runs out of the house and then you have all these small branches off of that. If the clog is in the main line, that means any water you run in the house will cause problems. If it’s a secondary line, it’s just going to be isolated to that secondary problem.  

release pressure

Release the pressure

If you get a clog in your home and suspect that a blocked sewer drain is the cause, Sims says it’s important to shut off the water at the source or at the main if it’s a main line clog.
Homeowners who have access to their sewer cleanout line — typically a short, round, white pipe with a rubber cap located in the yard near the house — can remove the cleanout cap during a backup to release pressure build up; and send water outside instead of into the house.
Bedell’s recommendation for keeping lines clear and avoiding plumbing problems doesn’t involve chemical-based drain cleaners.
“Fill your sinks to the top and then drain them once or twice a month,” Bedell says. “That (water pressure) will help ensure you have proper flow through the pipes and move out any waste that’s sitting in the line.”  

camera inspection

Request a camera inspection

Sewer line cleaning companies typically run a cable, also known as a drain snake or auger, through the clog to clear it. A simple cleaning or cleanout typically costs less than $150. If they can’t find the problem, many companies recommend a camera inspection. Experts warn consumers to avoid companies that offer a camera inspection before trying to clear the clog. 

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