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Furnace Repair

Furnace Repair at Any Hour, we understand that furnace repair can be a harrowing and confusing task. To alleviate the frustration, our experienced technicians have put together a fifteen-point checklist that guarantees a perfectly repaired furnace. Not only will our checklist ensure accuracy in the repair process, but it also cuts down on time and cost, to ensure you’re back to comfort quickly and economically. Whether you’re an expert or novice in furnace repairs, this fifteen-point formula is the key to making sure all furnaces are safe and reliable; leave your furnace in the hands of professionals and start living worry-free again!

Furnace Maintenance
What's Included In Our Furnace Installation

High-quality repairs at fair prices

At Edwin Stipe furnace repair service, quality is our number one priority. We are committed to providing not just high-quality repairs, but also fair prices that won’t break the bank. Our technicians are no strangers to furnaces and come to the job prepared with years of experience, ensuring a smooth and efficient repair process. You can count on us for furnace repairs you can trust at rates that won’t put too much strain on your wallet. Don’t hesitate – to let us help you get your furnace up and running again today!

What's Included In Our Furnace Repair

Cleaning and adjustment of the burners
Inspection of the heat exchanger
Cleaning of the blower motor and wheel
Lubrication of moving parts
Inspection of wiring and connections
Inspection and cleaning of all major components
Replacement of worn-out parts
Test runs of the furnace

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Our Team is Committed to Your Satisfaction

We are committed to providing the highest quality service. We know furnaces are an essential part of any home and that is why we make sure all furnaces are carefully repaired and inspected. We pay careful attention to both the insides and outsides of your furnace. Start by looking for any signs of damage such as cracks, rust, worn parts, etc. Then we take a look at the power switch near the furnace and flip it on. Next, we check all filters and replace them when needed as they help ensure optimal performance. Additionally check out any parts that may be malfunctioning such as the starting mechanism, broken blower components, heat exchanger, and limit switch – they may all require repairs or replacements. Finally, locate the thermostat and inspect it to see if it requires any further attention. If none of these tasks solve the issue then we want to take note of whether a tripped circuit breaker caused your furnace problems.

Our team uses advanced tools and techniques to ensure every furnace repair job is done properly allowing you to have peace of mind knowing your furnace system will last for years to come. With our furnace service, you can enjoy energy-efficient furnaces with no problems or safety issues.

A repairman working inside a home, repairing a furnace.
Natural gas furnace in the basement of a Midwestern home.

Get your furnace to an optimal temperature with Edwin Stipe

Are you looking for a reliable and efficient way to get your furnace to the optimal temperature? Edwin Stipe is here to help! Our team of professional energy advisors can evaluate your heating system, identify problems, and provide fixes that will work to keep your home comfortable all year long.

At Edwin Stipe, we provide premier furnace repair services to keep your home heated and comfortable all season long. Our experienced furnace technicians can quickly assess and diagnose any issue you may have, from electrical faults to filter replacements, and offer personalized solutions to get your furnace running at optimal temperature. Put your trust in our skillful technicians with an impeccable track record of furnace repairs – it’s the best way to stay warm this winter!

Reach out to us with your requirements at
(877) 337 8473 and enjoy solutions with a warranty!

Inspection of Wiring and Connections

Internal wiring installations require regular maintenance and testing. Every year, inside wiring, needs to be examined for security.

The following items we checked while inspecting and testing interior wire installations:

  • The service line entering the building has been brought in and properly terminated
  • We make sure the switchboard assembly is adequately covered to protect it from the elements
  • We make sure there is a connected load of no more than 800 watts or 10 points on each circuit that branches off the main switchboard.
  • Heck for the use of adequate-sized fuses and circuit breakers for all phases.
  • We make that the iron-clad switches’ and distribution boards’ metallic coverings are correctly earthed.

Types of Furnace Repair What Heating Repair Services We Provide:

Installation of all major components

Installation of guaranteed parts

Test runs of the furnace

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