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How much will your HVAC System Cost?

No homeowner looks forward to the day their HVAC system fails. In fact, it’s probably one of the scariest home system replacements ever. And luckily, HVAC is more likely to fail when it’s very hot outside or on the coldest days of winter. If your HVAC fails, your mind will likely immediately jump to replacing it as soon as possible, so you’ll be wondering how much it costs to replace an HVAC system.

What Is an HVAC System?

HVAC gives three distinctive capacities for your home:

HVAC may be followed by a fourth letter (R (HVAC / R or HVACR)). R stands for refrigeration and is primarily applicable to environments (although to be honest if you want to enjoy cooking, support a large family, or stock up on solids. It May sound very attractive.

Air cleaner Cost

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The HVAC installation cost for various parts.

HVAC is a complex system of various components that performs both heating and cooling functions. The installer should be able to advise if you need a complete replacement of your existing appliance or if you just need new parts. In some cases, this can save you money on replacing your HVAC system.

In other cases, for example, B. Replacing a traditional heat pump with a geothermal heat pump will still face a fairly high price. In any case, here is a comprehensive breakdown of the HVAC system costs for the various components.

Air Conditioner

Air conditional Central air conditioners work to keep your entire home cool by circulating air through the cooling coils. Larger homes may need separate systems to keep the entire house cool. The average cost to install an air conditioner is between $3,350 and $5,910.

uv lights
uv lights

Heat Pump

Heat pumps are an essential part of your HVAC system. It transfers air from a cooler area to a warmer area using heat energy. If you only need to replace one heat pump, it will cost you $4,000 to $8,000 on average. At the other end of the spectrum, a geothermal heat pump can cost as much as five times that, averaging $15,000 to $35,000.

However, installing a geothermal system will save you a lot of money on heating and cooling costs for years to come. These systems harness the steady temperature of the earth to maintain a stable indoor temperature

Gas furnace

A furnace is a heating system that uses some type of fuel to heat an entire house or building. A gas furnace will cost an average of $1,800 to $4,000 to replace.

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Oil furnace

Oil furnaces use oil to heat your home. Typically, the installation of an oil furnace involves more intensive work, such as adding a chimney and venting system. Thus, oil and gas furnaces are usually more expensive than electric furnaces. The average cost of installing an oil furnace ranges from $4,200 to $6,900.

Electric Furnace

With an average cost of $1,600 to $2,500, electric furnaces are typically less expensive than gas or oil furnaces.

Air Scrubbers cost
Air Scrubbers cost


Boilers work to heat your house using hot water forced through pipes. This is a more advanced system than a furnace and produces more comfortable ambient heat in your home than hot air shining through heat registers. The average cost to install a boiler in your home is between $1,500 and $3,500.

HVAC installation cost per square foot

If you live in a two-bedroom, one-story home, you’re likely to pay less (all things being equal) for your HVAC system than a family home in a five-room home. sleeping, three floors. It is true that the cost of an HVAC installation per square foot varies depending on the size of the house in which it is installed. While some contractors will provide quotes based on square footage, the average HVAC installation cost per square foot is between $15 and $18.

Air Scrubbers cost

HVAC System Cost Per Square Foot

House size (square feet)Average cost to install
1,000$3,000 – $6,000
1,200$3,600 – $7,200
1,600$4,800 – $9,600
2,000$6,000 – $12,000
2,500$7,500 – $15,000
3,000$9,000 – $18,000

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