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Water Filtration Systems at Edwin Stipe, Inc.

Water filtration systems play an important role in keeping your family’s drinking water clean and safe to drink.   Cities across the U.S., including in Pennsylvania, have discovered higher than acceptable levels of lead and other contaminants in the municipal water supply. But, even localized, private well systems have also shown contamination levels above the acceptable limits. With clean water vital for living, it is important to make sure your water is as safe as possible for both you and your family.  While we can’t control the quality of water coming into our homes, we can control what we are exposed to with the installation of a water filtration or water treatment system.

You will never regret having one in your home as it will reduce hazardous chemicals and unwanted debris entering the water you drink. This in turn will also reduce the chances of your pipes being blocked from debris clogging the waterways.

Water Filtration services

What’s in Your Water?

Nothing is more important than your family’s health and comfort. At Edwin Stipe, Inc., we have simple solutions to remove impurities such as excessive minerals, metals, bacteria and other harmful substances from your daily water supply.

Perks to Having Your Water Treated

  • Drinking water will taste better, and more importantly it will be better for you
  • Cleaning is easier
  • Conditioning eliminates stain producing iron and hard water residue that clings to all washables
  • Including skin and hair
  • Without hardness residue, you’ll use far less detergent, saving you time and money!

Conditioned Water

  • Extends the service life of your plumbing and appliances by eliminating scale and balancing acidity.
  • Less to worry about when it comes to clogged valves, corrosion or repairs.
  • Protects your water heater by preventing scale build-up making it run more efficiently and saving you up to 30% in energy use!

Choosing the Right Water Filtration System

Water Filtration

Edwin Stipe Inc. has been in business for a long time and knows how important it is for you to have the right whole house water filtration system. Just like you want your family to drink healthy water, we want you to have a healthy water filtration system in your home. One of our staff will be more than happy to take you through all the systems we have to make sure you are happy with the one you choose to have installed at your home.

The quality of your water affects everything and everyone in your home. Why not make it the best? Ask our staff for information on water treatment products that will make a difference in the quality of your water.

We are proudly serving Belvidere, Bethlehem, Allentown, Easton, and the surrounding areas.

Thank you so much for the extremely prompt service. Everyone, the office staff, the technicians, and Henry was so great to deal with. It is nice to deal with a company that cares. I will highly recommend your company to anyone I meet.
EMC Phillipsburg, NJ

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