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HVAC Service Plans

Comprehensive Care for Your Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Systems

At Edwin Stipe, Inc., your home climate control is our top priority. With our HVAC Service Plans, we
ensure year-round comfort, efficiency, and reliability.

Our HVAC Service Partner Plans

Tailor your service to the needs of your home with our flexible HVAC plans. From essential maintenance
to full coverage, Edwin Stipe, Inc. has a plan for every home and budget.

Diamond HVAC Plan

  • Monthly Fee: $34.00 | Annual Fee: $408.00
  • Ultimate Protection:

Full coverage for Heating, Ventilation, and AC services.

  • Premier Benefits:
  • Zero extra fees for after-hours or emergency services.
     Automatic scheduling for regular maintenance visits.
    Highest priority response for service calls.

Gold HVAC Plan

  • Monthly Fee: $25.00 | Annual Fee: $300.00
  • Dual Coverage:
  • Select any two services—Heating, Ventilation, or AC.
  • Gold-Level Advantages:
  • Reduced fees for non-business hours emergency calls.
    15% discount on repair services for selected systems.

Silver HVAC Plan

  • Monthly Fee: $15.00 | Annual Fee: $180.00
  • Basic Coverage:

Choose one system—Heating, Ventilation, or AC for dedicated service.

  • Silver Plan Perks:
  •  Access to expert technicians for routine checks and maintenance.
     Economical choice for maintaining the efficiency of your selected system.

Standard Features in All Plans:

  • Routine Maintenance:
  • Proactive care to prevent unexpected breakdowns and extend system
  • Emergency Services:
  • Around-the-clock availability to address any sudden issues without delay.
  • Discounted Rates for Repairs:
  • Manageable repair costs with discounted rates for plan members.
  • System Safety Checks:
  • Detailed inspections to ensure your HVAC systems are operating safely
    and efficiently.

Why Enroll in an Edwin Stipe Service Plan?

Your Comfort is Just a Plan Away

Join the ranks of satisfied homeowners who trust Edwin Stipe, Inc. for their HVAC needs. Experience
unmatched home comfort and service when you need it most.

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