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A central air conditioner is commonly used in houses that have enough room for ductwork. Making use of central air conditioning is much less costly than having to install individual air conditioning systems in each room in the house. Central air conditioning units work by dehumidifying air before circulating it throughout a house.

How does a central air conditioner system work?

central air conditioning systems

Central air conditioning uses air ducts inside the walls and ceilings of your home to distribute cooled air.  Cooled air travels from the central air conditioning unit through the ducts and into to each room via vents.

A house consists of a large amount of openings and holes that lead outside. Hot air can come through these spaces and make the rooms inside more humid. By making use of a central air conditioning system, you can dehumidify the air, thus cooling it down. This cooled air will then be pushed back into the house, cooling it. The air will also be filtered before being circulated back into the house, thus making the air free of any dust particles that might cause irritation to those who breathe it in.

When choosing a central air conditioner, you need to make sure that the type you choose will fit with the environment you are living in. A central ac system is built for medium to large houses where duct work is existing or able to be installed.

Why Edwin Stipe, Inc. should do your central air conditioner installation

central air conditioning installation and repairs

Edwin Stipe, Inc. is the place to call when you need central air conditioner repair or installation. We have a group of specialists that are well trained this field and can assist you with any central air conditioning installation problem you might be facing.

If money is an issue in purchasing a central air conditioning system, we can make life easy for you! We offer a wide variety of financing options that will help you get that air conditioning system you’ve wanted.  If you have any questions about central air conditioning repair or want to know more about our offers, contact us today!

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