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Heating Boilers at Edwin Stipe, Inc. is a premier service in your surrounding area, installing and repairing boilers every day. In order to keep your boiler in optimal condition, it is important to have routine maintenance performed by a qualified contractor. At Edwin Stipe, we have years of experience servicing boilers of all makes and models. We understand the importance of proper boiler maintenance and are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality service possible. Boiler maintenance is essential to prolonging the life of your investment and ensuring its efficient operation.

Why Boiler Maintenance is Important

Maintenance is often overlooked, but it is vitally important to the health of your system. Boilers are under a lot of pressure, and they require regular tune-ups to ensure that they are operating safely and efficiently. A lack of maintenance can lead to bigger problems down the road, including expensive repairs or even the need to replace your system sooner. That’s why the team at Edwin Stipe, Inc. offers boiler maintenance services that can help to extend the life of your boiler and avoid costly repairs. Contact us today to schedule a tune-up!

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What's Include In Our Boiler Tune-Up

1- Prolong The Life Of Your Boiler

You’ll want your boiler to survive as long as possible because buying one can be expensive. You can make the most of your boiler by having Edwin Stipe do routine maintenance on it. A well-maintained boiler can typically last between ten and fifteen years.

2- Avoid Explosions and Carbon Monoxide

Boilers emit carbon monoxide as a byproduct in addition to producing heat. Boilers contain exhaust pipes that let the fatal and stinky gas to be safely vented outside. But outdated boilers have the potential to leak carbon monoxide into your house, most frequently through a broken exhaust pipe. Additionally, exploding boilers are known to occur, so maintaining yours is crucial!

3- Maintain The Validity of Your Warranty

Like many other warranties, boiler warranties include requirements that owners must adhere to. One typical one is to have a professional perform routine maintenance on boilers. Maintaining the validity of your warranty can enable you to make financial savings in case you need to pay for unforeseen boiler repairs.

4- Cut Back On Energy Costs

Boilers use the second-highest amount of energy annually in your home, right after HVAC systems. You can save a lot of money by reducing that significant usage and improving the boiler’s efficiency. 10% off your energy costs can be achieved with a properly maintained boiler.

5- Observe Local Safety Regulations

Local laws regarding boiler maintenance are frequently seen since neglected boilers are dangerous. They frequently demand that people who own boilers, like you, occasionally have a professional repair their boiler. Even though having a broken boiler is awful enough, getting fined for it would only make matters worse.

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Types of Boiler Maintenance

Gas should be serviced once a year. This annual service is an opportunity for a qualified heating engineer to look over the unit and make sure it's running as well as possible. This will give you the peace of mind that your heating system is running safely and efficiently.

Propane system maintenance will clean out blockages and replace worn down internal components. Afterwards, your propane gas furnace  will run more efficiently.


You haven’t been using your furnace or boiler for months it’s built up dust and dirt in the air filters. Residue from last year’s usage might even be blocking its ventilation.

Oil boiler works properly and efficiency when it burns the oil cleanly. When the boiler can achieve what engineers refer to as ‘complete combustion’, the boiler will extract get the most energy from the fuel. If the burner, fan, baffles or turbultors are dirty and sooted then ‘incomplete combustion’ will occur.

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