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As an inspection, a sewer scope costs $100 to $1,200. The price you pay depends on the length of your plumbing, the reason for the inspection and whether you have requested additional services from the plumber.
What exactly is a Sewer Camera Inspection? It is the process of inspecting the sewer line of any property and for this, a video camera has to be inserted within the sewer pipe on most occasions. This will help to identify any prospective issues with the help of a high-resolution video cam.
Top 5 Signs You Have a Collapsed Sewer Line


  • Signs of a Collapsed Sewer Line Include Frequent Backups. When the toilet backs up, your bathroom gets soaked in wastewater. …
  • More Than One Fixture Clogs. …
  • Your Plumbing Gets a Mind of Its Own. …
  • Your Lawn is Constantly Soaked. …
  • Your Grass Grows Like Crazy. …
  • Catch a Collapsed Sewer Pipe as Soon as Possible.
If you suspect the home has clay or concrete lines, a sewer scope is a must. Even with plastic lines, we’ve found plenty of issues that need to be addressed. The couple hundred bucks you spend on a sewer scope inspection is well worth it to avoid costly and messy repairs in the future.

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Sewer inspection camera demonstration

Why you need to have the sewer drain camera inspection for your main drain line.

The sewer line is the largest drain in your home and is susceptible to a number of problems that may not be detected. The most common problems to affect a sewer line include the following found with a sewer camera.

  • Bellied pipe – This is when a section of the pipe has sunk into the ground, creating an area for waste to converge.
  • Tree roots – If roots have infiltrated your sewer line, they can quickly damage the line and cause further damage in no time.
  • Broken, collapsed, cracked, or misaligned pipes – These are commonly due to shifting soil or frozen ground.
  • Blockage – This can result when grease or some other object is restricting proper water flow.
  • Pipe corrosion or deterioration – If your pipe is older or is made of anything other than PVC piping, then you are likely at risk of having your pipes deteriorate, which can cause collapses in the line and a restriction of proper flow.
  • Leaking joints – If the seals between the pipes have broken, then water can escape into the area surrounding the pipe.

Get Plumbing Emergency Drain Camera – VOTED #1 PA & NJ Free Video Sewer Inspection Camera Drain with Locator.

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