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HVAC Systems Costs & Estimates

When it comes to Estimate and plumbing solutions, we understand how customers have a major concern regarding the AC prices of every job and product. Well, Edwin Stipe Inc. is here to offer extra assurance and support in the matter through an accurate HVAC estimate which you can avail of upon one call and after the initial inspection.

It doesn’t matter if you want a more extensive quotation in the name of an industrial boiler cost estimate or are looking for a furnace evaluation; our team gets you covered with careful calculations. With that, we also strive to achieve the level of affordability that you desire and provide full transparency on every cost.

Furthermore, to give you an idea about how we compose our evaluation, we have divided the details into categories related to our operations:

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Heating Estimate

When it comes to the total cost of repairing or replacing your current heating system, the following are the things that you might have to spend your money on:

  • Labour fees (usually charged per hour, but a flat rate is also available for specific tasks)
  • Replacement parts (we take care of value for money on your behalf)
  • Gas line installation (in case you want to convert your heating system to gas)
  • Service & diagnostic fees
  • Permit charges

You can always call us for more information on gas boiler cost estimates, steam boiler cost evaluation.

AC Prices Evaluation

Whether you want a new air conditioner inside your house or require extensive repair, we develop our estimates based on:

  • Cost of a new unit (depending upon the brand and type you select)
  • Labour charges in case of repair or service (per hour or flat rate basis)
  • Cost of fittings and fixtures
  • Additional warranty charges
  • Cost of any replacement part

HVAC Estimate

Understanding the costs involved in HVAC-related tasks can be complicated for an ordinary consumer. But we make it simple through our HVAC cost estimate, including all or some among the following:

  • Cost of buying a new HVAC unit (if required) HVAC cost estimate
  • Installation fees
  • Removal & disposal fees of old unit
  • Any ductwork required
  • Insulation cost
  • Asbestos removal
  • Any add-ons or upgrades upon request

You can also get a quote while being more type-specific as well such as when you need a mini-split ductless AC evaluation or a mini-split ductless heat pump estimate.

Water Heater Prices

We value the significance of having easy access to warm water inside your homes at all times. Therefore, we also keep the water heater estimate straightforward as it is based on the following things mentioned below:

  • Type of Water Heater you want to buy or fix (Electric, Solar, Hybrid, Standard gas heater with tank or tankless)
  • Size of the Water Heater (from 20-100 gallons)
  • Venting system (direct or power vent)
  • Cost of fittings and pipes
  • Removal of existing water heaters
  • Permits
  • Water and gas line installations
  • Labour charge for any extra electric work (per hour)

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