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Gas Boiler installation

Gas boiler installation can be a daunting task – but it doesn’t have to be. With the right preparation, materials, and tools at your disposal, you can get the job done with confidence and ease.

Edwin Stipe is the go-to provider for gas boiler installation. As certified and highly experienced specialists, we know how to install boilers correctly, quickly, and securely. Our preparation for the job has been rigorous since day one; We make it a point to discuss all project details with our customers, from selecting the best brand of boiler to devising an installation strategy that is both labor-efficient and cost-effective. Wecombineour technical knowledge with stellar customer service, creating a comfortable and stress-free experience for everyone involved. No matter the scope or complexity of the project, our team will provide total satisfaction.

Boiler Maintenance
Natural gas furnace in the basement of a Midwestern home.

Benefits of Installing a Gas Boiler

  • Increased home value – a gas boiler installation can add significant value to your home.
  • Improved comfort and efficiency – you’ll enjoy improved comfort with a new boiler, and it will be more efficient than your old one, meaning you’ll save on your energy bills.
  • Increased safety – a gas boiler is much safer than others, so you can rest assured knowing your family is safe.
  • Reduced carbon footprint – with a new gas boiler, you’ll be doing your part to reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Extended warranty – all of our boilers come with an extended warranty for extra peace of mind

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Step of Installing the new Gas Boiler

    • To begin, this needs to gather all the necessary components for the project. This includes any specialized equipment that may be required for taking measurements or manipulating pipes. Make sure to also grab safety gear like hard hats and heavy-duty gloves – these items are essential in protecting yourself from harm during the process!


    • Next up is measuring out exactly where the new boilers will go. It’s important that this step is completed carefully as any inaccuracies could potentially create a dangerous hazard down the line should they go unremedied. To make things easier, consider renting specialty tools designed specifically for accurate measurements such as laser levelers or digital levels that detect even small differences in height or angle cutouts between two points on different sides of an object being measured (such as a pipe).


    • Once complete, thisneeds to disconnect any existing connections associated with the old heater units before beginning with the installation of new ones. Keep in mind that certain codes may come into play here depending on where you live so checking local regulations beforehand will save time (and stress) later down the road should an issue arise from incomplete compliance on-site at some point during setup procedures.


    • After everything is assessed and prepped accordingly, then comes the actual installation itself- though this too must be done carefully using proper techniques backed by manufacturer instructions detailed within accompanying documentation provided when purchasing gas boilers online/in stores. Utilizing professional help along every step if desired/needed can go far in ensuring peaceful mindsets since expert technicians understand what must take place for successful results each round out.


  • Lastly, once installed it’s critical to perform routine maintenance checks which could include yearly inspections and replacing worn parts whenever identifiable thus keeping systems running smoothly while avoiding larger issues developing over extended amounts of time – something only known to those who’ve been through similar scenarios before!

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Amazing Technicians: Friendly and Knowledgeable

You can feel secure knowing that Edwin stipe’s specialists have extensive expertise working with both old and new systems and are certified in appliance installation codes when you hire us for your gas boiler installation needs. Additionally, we employ state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment like digital thermometers and infrared cameras that offer us a greater idea of how well your system is functioning at any given time. This gives us the ability to locate hidden issues quickly & effectively when necessary. Last but not least, every job finished by Edwin Stipes’ professionals is supported by a quality warranty, ensuring long-term satisfaction!

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