Outdoor Plumbing Services

Edwin Stipe Inc. knows that perfect gardens and outdoor entertainment areas need perfect outdoor plumbing. We make it our business to ensure that you have no worries when it comes to repairs and installation involving outdoor plumbing. Our staff is well trained and ready to help you with a wide variety of plumbing services that includes not only faucets and pipes, but also outdoor shower plumbing, outdoor kitchen plumbing and outdoor sink plumbing.

outdoor plumbing

What does it Involve?

  • Outdoor faucets or spigots – Outdoor faucets are used more often than people realize, at least in the warmer months — watering the garden and grass, filling a pool, cleaning outdoor furniture, you name it. When the faucet or connecting pipes have a leak, that can cause big problems. This is a problem to find an experienced plumber but Edwin Stipe overcame this problem. If you Hare facing any leakage in outdoor pipes, fix it immediately by an outdoor plumber will prevent any further damage or water loss.
  • Sprinkler system pipes – Having a sprinkler system to water your grass and garden is a great way to keep your outdoor areas in great shape. When water freezes inside the sprinkler pipes during cold seasons, it can cause the pipes to burst. An outdoor plumber will be able to install new pipes and help to prevent any further damage.
  • Showers – Having an outdoor shower is a convenient way of preventing sand and dirt from entering your home. Should the shower become blocked, you will need the help of an outdoor shower plumbing service to get the problem fixed.
  • Sinks – Outdoor entertainment areas or kitchens equipped with an outdoor sink make it easy to wash hands and other items without having to enter the house. When you need outdoor sink plumbing, Edwin Stipe Inc. is the place to call!

Outdoor plumbing at the leading plumbing company

outdoor plumbing

Edwin Stipe Inc. is one of the leading outdoor plumbing companies and has a 24 hour emergency service for your convenience. Should you have any plumbing problems, give us a call. We are sure to go the extra mile to ensure that you are happy with the service we provide at Edwin Stipe Inc. We are proudly serving Belvidere, Bethlehem, Allentown, Easton, and the surrounding areas.

Counties That We Serve

  • Northampton County
  • Lehigh County
  • Warren County
Easton, PA Bethlehen,PA Allentown, PA
Belvidere, NJ PHILLIPSBURG, NJ Oxford, NJ
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