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Air Conditioning Installation

Is it about time to replace the old air conditioner at your home or office? While we understand it’s a big decision that involves a lot of complications, there is nothing to worry about as long as you have Edwin Stipe Inc. by your side for your air conditioning requirements.

Being your air conditioning installation near me, we first help you buy the best energy-efficient air conditioners and then offer our expertise in the form of air conditioning installation services.
Our team of certified and experienced Air Conditioning Contracts has years of experience in installing all kinds of air conditioners, including central, ductless, mini-split air conditioners, window, portable, and hybrid air conditioners as well. Besides that, to ensure quality, we only work with the air conditioning best brands in the market. Some of them are:

  • Amana
  • Lennox
  • Goodman
  • Peerless
  • Carrier
  • Fujitsu
  • Mitsubishi

As we promise to go the extra mile for you when you select us as your “air conditioning installation near me“, our team will assist you in everything right from suggesting the best placements of the units to doing all the necessary fittings during the process of installation.

The best part is that all of this is offered air conditioning estimates that will always be super affordable. But if not for some, then still, we have financing options available for you!

Air Conditioning Service

Air Conditioning Service

Is the indoor air quality getting terrible? Or your air conditioning systems have stopped cooling like before? It’s time for you to call Edwin Stipe’s team of air conditioning service experts that offers fast response upon one call and serve customers to deliver service of the highest standards.

When you call us for the job, we achieve the level of excellence by first offering accurate and timely diagnoses. Secondly, it doesn’t matter if there is a problem with the heat pump, condenser, or gas furnace; our licensed team is 24/7 ready to be your faithful companion in the situation through custom solutions provided with the help of the most advanced technologies.

Third, as we promise to do extra for you, therefore, we also go into the nitty-gritty details to stop the leakage of moisture, fix any air filtration issue, and in helping you get rid of the weird sounds that may be disturbing your comfort.

As a result, you get a service that not only transforms your Air Conditioning Maintenance  back to its new state but we also make sure that our solutions stand the test of time.

In case if your Air Conditioning  is working alright, we still recommend regular maintenance to our customers as that results in lower heating and cooling costs, fewer breakdowns, and increased lifespan of the device. If that is your aim, then we are a team that can make it possible for you.

Last but not least, we also make our air conditioning service easy on the pockets through financing programs. So, call our team who has got your back with an experience of over 120 years!

You will always find us on top in your search for “air conditioning installation near me” because no air conditioning brand is unknown to us, including Amana, Lennox, Fujitsu, Mitsubishi, etc.

With that, we are also the true masters of every type, whether you have ductless, central AC, mini-split, or Zoned AC installed at your properties.

Reach out to us with your requirements at (877) 337 8473 and enjoy solutions with a warranty!


We understand that Air conditioning problems can vary from person to person. Therefore, in our 120 years of service, we have delivered 24/7 Air conditioning solutions with guaranteed results you are looking for

Sensor Problems

Sensor Problems

Air Conditioning Refrigerant


Air Conditioning Thermostat Issues

Thermostat Issues

Drainage Problems

Drainage Problems


Dirty Filter

If you have a window unit, the thermostat sensor could be knocked out of position. Carefully bend the wire holding in it place to properly position it.

Your refrigerant could be low or leaking. Call a trained technician to repair the leak and recharge the system

Check your thermostat to make sure it is set properly and it is reading the correct temperature.

Check your unit’s drain to make sure it isn’t clogged.

A clogged filter restricts airflow through the unit, decreasing its efficiency and reducing its ability to effectively cool the air.

Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning Maintenance

We understand how painful the experience of air conditioning maintenance can be. First, customers have to find the best team in town for the job through “24 hour AC repair near me“, and then fixing the issue alone takes time. All of this puts you in the trouble of living without the AC on hot days.

However, with Edwin Stipe, you don’t have to bear any of that. We are regarded as the best air conditioning installation near me in town that knows all the tips & tricks to repair or do maintenance of any air conditioner that exists to date.

After prompt diagnosis, we create the difference first by keeping you thoroughly informed about the problem and then its solution. Afterwards, the team takes all the necessary steps to protect your existing warranties while also ensuring that the structural integrity of your air conditioning unit remains safe. And finally, we make sure to fix the problem as soon as possible so that you don’t even have to spend a day without your air conditioner.

On top of all this, our unit only promises to deliver what is required. That means we won’t force you to buy things that you don’t need, can’t afford, or won’t make sense for maintenance.

All in all, we focus on providing maintenance work that is done with the help of high-quality spare parts, experienced professionals and is easy on the pockets as well.
You can call us any time when you look out for “AC repair near me” for any of the following systems

  • Ductless Air Conditioning
  • Mini-Split Air Conditioning
  • Central Air Conditioning
  • Zoned Air Conditioning

Edwin Stipe is also proud to inform you that we offer free air conditioning estimates related to maintenance work beforehand. They are prepared by our professionals with great precision and incorporate every little detail regarding your job. So, once the quotation is delivered to you, it includes the final total price of the job with a detailed breakdown and the promise of no hidden charges later.


Air Conditioning Contracts

Are you looking for a team of air conditioning experts who can take care of your units forever at the best rates? Then Edwin Stipe Inc. is that one licensed, insured, and bonded company that can fulfil your requirements. We offer air conditioning contracts based on delivering top-notch service and prioritizing customers’ needs through perks that will keep you stress-free forever!

Being in a legally binding contract for your air conditioning maintenance tasks can be of great benefit. You get a dedicated team that takes care of your AC units 24/7, and while their job is to keep them running smooth and sound at all times, there are also more perks for you in the name of the following

  • Priority service for your repair calls
  • No additional trip charges during regular working hours
  • Discounts on air conditioning prices related to maintenance & repair works.
  • Guarantee on work done from the date of repair.

Call us right away for a customized air conditioning installation near me that will best cater to your needs at every point!

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