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Edwin Stipe: Phillipsburg, NJ's Gold Standard in HVAC and Plumbing Services Solutions

Recognized as the Premier Home Service Contractor in Phillipsburg, NJ, Edwin Stipe has been the leading authority in Drain Cleaning, Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning, IAQ, and Water Heater solutions since 1894.

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: In Phillipsburg, NJ, Edwin Stipe stands out as the paramount leader in delivering refreshing coolness. Celebrated as the top HVAC Service Provider, their reputation in air conditioning excellence is unparalleled. Their heritage, tracing back to 1894, showcases their expertise in turning Phillipsburg’s intense summers into rejuvenating respites. From stellar installations to unmatched maintenance, they guarantee residences in Phillipsburg remain comfortably cool during the fiercest heat spells.

Heating Installation


As the winter cold encircles Phillipsburg, Edwin Stipe rises as the beacon of warmth. Boasting over a hundred years of skill, they are recognized as Phillipsburg’s heating maestros. Their work transcends mere heating system installations; they create warm havens. Prompt fixes and thorough maintenance become their winter melody, ensuring Phillipsburg remains warm and cozy during the coldest seasons.

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Edwin Stipe’s scope extends beyond just HVAC; they champion pristine and rejuvenating indoor air in Phillipsburg. They’re dedicated to fostering healthier indoor atmospheres. Harnessing decades of knowledge, they deliver air as pristine as alpine winds. Inhabitants of Phillipsburg can take a deep breath, confident in Edwin Stipe’s role as their dependable provider of refreshing indoor air.

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In Phillipsburg, NJ, Edwin Stipe is recognized as the maestro of consistent hot water. Since 1894, they have optimized water heater services to the pinnacle of precision. Their setups resonate with efficiency, and their prompt repair services epitomize trustworthiness. Phillipsburg relishes the consistency of reliable hot water, transforming ordinary activities into indulgent moments.

Thank you so much for the extremely prompt service. Everyone, the office staff, the technicians, and Henry was so great to deal with. It is nice to deal with a company that cares. I will highly recommend your company to anyone I meet.
EMC Phillipsburg, NJ
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Edwin Stipe’s plumbing expertise is integral to Phillipsburg’s dynamism. With over a hundred years under their belt, they are the masters of seamless water circulation. No leak goes unnoticed, and their advanced plumbing systems are their crowning achievement. In Phillipsburg, they guarantee that every tap syncs with their perfect plumbing rhythm.

drain cleaning


In Phillipsburg, blockages meet their match with Edwin Stipe’s advanced solutions. They are the champions of fluid pipes. Employing almost mystical methods, they adeptly clear and upkeep drains, ensuring the everyday flow of Phillipsburg remains steady. Thanks to Edwin Stipe, Phillipsburg revels in the zenith of plumbing equilibrium.

Phillipsburg, situated along the Delaware River on New Jersey’s western boundary, carries a historical legacy from the 18th century. As a pivotal canal and railroad center during the Industrial Revolution, it possesses both historical and aesthetic charm.

Operated through a mayor-council system, Phillipsburg benefits from dual leadership. The independently elected mayor provides executive direction, while the town council, elected from individual wards, enacts local legislation. Their collaborative efforts aim to sustain the town’s growth and welfare.

  • Phillipsburg Railroad Historians Museum: Celebrating Phillipsburg’s railway heritage, this museum exhibits ancient locomotives and significant artifacts.
  • Delaware River Railroad Excursions: A treat for visitors, offering themed rail journeys like the dinosaur, gem, and Thomas adventures.
  • Statue of Liberty Replica: Placed along the Delaware River, this statue honors the emblem of American freedom.
  • Jimmy’s Hot Dogs: A cherished spot for many years, renowned for its scrumptious hot dogs and welcoming ambiance.
  • La Bella Via: This genuine Italian restaurant serves handmade pasta and pizzas cooked in a wood-fired oven.
  • The Brass Rail: Operating since 1931, it presents a varied menu set within a conventional bar ambiance.
  • Joe Buzas: Renowned as a past professional baseball player and owner of a minor league baseball team.
  • Steve Rammel: Formerly played soccer for the U.S. national squad.
  • Taran McZee: Esteemed college basketball trainer and ex-player.

 Historically vital as a railway junction, Phillipsburg remains connected through major roads to different parts of New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Although freight trains still operate, passenger services have dwindled. Local buses offer connectivity to neighboring regions.

 Distinctly marked by four seasons, Phillipsburg experiences humid, warm summers and chilly winters with sporadic snow. Spring and autumn, with their moderate climates, are perfect for outdoor explorations and tourism.

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