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Five Different Heating Solutions and Why You Need Them in Stewartsville, NJ

  1. When it comes to heating your home in Stewartsville, NJ, there is a wide variety of options available. We’ve put together a list of five of the most common options in North America. Find out how they work and why you would need them for your home.

Furnace Systems

This is arguably the most common type of built-in heating solution in the country. Most homes have some sort of furnace in the basement. A flame is fueled by gas or oil and heat is collected in a heat chamber. It is then distributed throughout the home. Large homes can benefit from these systems and they have become safer and more efficient.

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Boiler Heating

boiler uses hot water to heat the home. The water is heated up and then pushed through pipes in the home. This is a cleaner way to heat the home as it does not rely on distributing air (that could lead to allergens and bacteria being blown throughout the home).

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are great for smaller homes and sometimes even apartments. They suck the warm air from outside and transfer it inside. They work in the summer as well, transferring cold air inside.

Dual-Fuel Heating Systems

These heating systems combine a furnace or a boiler with a heat pump. This is a highly efficient way to heat a home. It cools in the summer and heats in the winter, so you get one system that takes care of both problems for ultimate comfort.

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  1. Whatever your heating or cooling needs, seek out an industry-leading warrantee to back up the claims of the installing company. With over 120 years in the business Edwin Stipe of Stewartsville, NJ can assist you by:

    • consulting with you to help with your heating system choice;
    • provide finance and maintenance plans;
    • and keep your investment running smoothly with our repair service.

    Let us use our unmatched experience help you to find the best heating or cooling solution for your home. Contact us to find out more information.

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