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We are the only company you’ll need for all your heating, cooling, and plumbing needs. This summer is prepared in bath! Our team of experts is knowledgeable on how to reduce expenses that come along with an inefficient AC unit this time around- just let us know what type or model number it is so we can make adjustments before next season arrives again A/C units can lose efficiency over years due to changes in airflow patterns within homes which means not only does comfort disappear faster but energy costs increase significantly too when compared to similarly performing models from last year’s campaign.

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Heating and cooling systems are important for your home, but they can be tricky to work on. Thank goodness we have Edwin Stipe’s team of heating specialists! With just one service call from us you’ll increase the dependability of your HVAC system for years with their cutting-edge technology as well as experience in BATH repair or services such as AC replacement water heaters Heater installation Plumbing repairs Drain cleaning and Air conditioner installation.

air care

Edwin Stipe here to help you breathe easier. Our team of experts will conduct routine inspections and ensure that your home has the best possible air quality, which means less chance for disease-causing germs or allergens such as pollen counts high enough they can trigger allergies in some people who are sensitive. We offer comprehensive services including installation & repair work on heating systems; drain cleaning when needed along with plumbing jobs like replacing pipelines while maintaining positive pressure inside homes through bathroom ventilation fans in Bath.

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Recently, was the water in your home icy cold? Many things must be done immediately! In BATH, Edwin Stipe has a team of water heater experts that have years of experience fixing all different types of water heaters. To make sure that customers can enjoy the warm water, we take care of everything, from installing a new water heater to performing regular maintenance and repairs. Along with air conditioning, water heater repair, and air care, we also offers heating, drain, and plumbing services in Bath.

drain cleaning

Are the water sources for your faucets too filthy? Or is the water squeezing out of the faucets? Whatever the circumstance, Edwin Stipe’s team provides the immediate, durable solutions you might require! In Bath, we are known as the drain cleaners that can give your drain pipes a brand-new appearance with just one clean! We offer air conditioning, water heater, and air care services in addition to heating, drain, and plumbing services in Bath.

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In Bath, Edwin Stipe promises to act quickly anytime there is a plumbing issue. We treat the issues with your pipes as if they were our own, which is also why we go above and beyond to satisfy our clients when installing fixtures, drain cleaning, or a comprehensive sewage system. We have plumbers with the most advanced tools, the required credentials, and unmatched skills! We offer air conditioning, water heater, and air care in Bath in addition to heating, drain, and plumbing service.

Bath, Pennsylvania

Lehigh County is a county located in the Lehigh Valley region of the U.S. state of Pennsylvania. As of the 2010 census, the population was 349,497. Its county seat is Allentown, the state’s third-largest city behind Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. The county, which was first settled around 1730, was formed in 1812 with the division of Northampton County into two counties. It is named after the Lehigh River, whose name is derived from the Delaware Indian term Lechauweki or Lechauwekink, meaning “where there are forks”.

Lehigh County is part of the Allentown-Bethlehem-Easton, PA-NJ metropolitan area, but also borders the Delaware Valley and is a part of the Philadelphia media market. It is one of the fastest-growing counties in Pennsylvania.

In addition to its enormous cultural diversity, BATH, Pennsylvania is well known for its culinary culture. “Typically, the food is really good. A great place to stop for breakfast and lunch! has enough room so that you won’t have to wait in line.” The region has plenty to offer everyone, whether you’re looking for normal American meals or want to try out other eastern cuisines, including Middle Eastern food. These are Bath, Pennsylvania’s top three eateries.

1-Villa Grande Pizzeria Restaurant

The Italian food draws in customers seeking out novel experiences. Visitors to this restaurant don’t particularly enjoy the garlic pizza. The restaurant Villa Grande Pizzeria is well known for its excellent service and helpful staff that is always willing to assist you. Prices are typical in this area. The welcoming setting will blend well with the superb food and prime location of this restaurant. You can pick this location to have a wonderful time here because Google gives it a rating of 4.5.

2-Bracco’s Pizza

At this pizza, don’t forget to eat the perfectly cooked Pepperoni, cheese steaks, and garlic knots. You might have a good impression of some tasty pudding. A significant benefit of Bracco’s Pizza is food delivery. This establishment is lovely because of the polite employees. The majority of visitors comment on how reasonably priced the foods are. Within Google’s rating scale, this location is rated 4.7.

3-Turn in Restaurant

The Turn in Restaurant is renowned for its outstanding customer care and helpful employees. Prices are fair in the eyes of the customers. The decor is cozy, in the opinion of the critics. People can savor the breathtaking atmosphere at this location. You can pick this location to have a wonderful time here because Google gives it a rating of 4.4.

Bath, Pennsylvania, has a rich history dating back to 1728 when it was given the name Bath after Bath in Somerset, England, a renowned hangout for the upper class of that country, whose mineral baths initially gained popularity in 60 AD while Britain was still a Roman colony. It began to lure invalids from all over Europe in the 18th century. The Bath Business and Community Partnership (BBCP) was created in 1999 to oversee urban regeneration projects, such as making the town more environmentally friendly, recruiting volunteers, and producing economic restructuring/asset improvement plans.

1-Bath National Cemetery
Bath National Cemetery is a beautiful and unique place that is well worth visiting. The cemetery is situated on a hillside with breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside. It is also home to a variety of interesting monuments, including the grave of General John F. Reynolds, who was killed at the Battle of Gettysburg. Bath National Cemetery is an excellent example of a well-maintained cemetery, and its staff is always willing to help visitors with directions or any other information they may need. I highly recommend Bath National Cemetery as a place to visit if you are ever in the area.
2-First Presbyterian Church

The First Presbyterian Church in Bath, Pennsylvania is a historic church that has been serving the community for over 200 years. The church was founded in 1793 and is the oldest Presbyterian church in Northampton County. The original building was constructed of locally quarried limestone and brick, and it remains an active place of worship to this day. The congregation is proud of its rich history and its commitment to serving the community. The church offers a variety of programs and services, including a food pantry, a thrift store, and a community garden. It also hosts a number of outreach events throughout the year, such as a Harvest Festival and a Christmas Eve service. The First Presbyterian Church is a vital part of the Bath community, and it continues to make a difference in the lives of those who live there.

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Thank you so much for the extremely prompt service. Everyone, the office staff, technicians, & Henry was so great to deal with. It is nice to deal with a company that cares. I will highly recommend your company to anyone I meet.
SF Allentown, PA
Thank you so much for the extremely prompt service. Everyone, the office staff, technicians, & Henry was so great to deal with. It is nice to deal with a company that cares. I will highly recommend your company to anyone I meet.
SF Allentown, PA

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