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When those January temperatures drop to freezing, efficient winter heating in Allentown, PA is a must. Outdated equipment in need of repair can cause serious discomfort and major problems, costing thousands in damage to your property, not to mention the inconvenience of not providing enough warmth when the weather turns cold. What’s more, heating equipment that has not been maintained is not energy efficient, and you may find yourself spending huge amounts of your hard-earned dollars every month for relatively little heat, not to mention the importance of energy efficiency as we try to make our environment gentler on the earth.

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So before you find your family huddled together to stay warm, you should know where to find the best contractor providing heating in Allentown, PA: Edwin Stipe, Inc. We offer a premier service that includes installation of all types of heating equipment. Edwin Stipe, Inc. is the heating contractor of choice for the Lehigh Valley region. We’ve been in business for over 120 years, so our experience really does speak for itself.We have been around long enough to know that long and short term savings are equally important.

Edwin Stipe, Inc. installs all leading heating equipment brands, providing customers with the best quality products that use the latest technology to heat your home. Our installations include:

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Our technicians are highly experienced, and can provide you with the most efficient heating solution to suit your home and your budget. All installations come with our industry-leading guarantee to give you peace of mind.

We also offer heating system repairs on existing equipment. If you’re having problems with your heating, give Edwin Stipe, Inc. a call. Our experts specialize in repairing all heating equipment brands, and are available for emergency call outs any time of the day or night.

When it comes to maintenance, we can advise you on the best repair and maintenance plan to keep your equipment in good working order, help you save money (both on monthly expenses and unexpected costs caused by damage) and ensure energy efficient heating for your home.

If you’re looking to install or repair your heating system in Allentown, PA contact Edwin Stipe, Inc today for a superior, experienced service.

Thank you so much for the extremely prompt service. Everyone, the office staff, the technicians, and Henry was so great to deal with. It is nice to deal with a company that cares. I will highly recommend your company to anyone I meet.
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