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What Is a Dual Fuel Heating System?

What Is a Dual Fuel Heating System?

A dual fuel heating system is made up of four main parts: The heat pump which is situated outdoors and runs on electricity. A fossil fuel furnace located inside your home. A coil installed above the furnace. Refrigerant lines which connect the heat pump and the coils....
Everything You Need to Know About Heat Pumps

Everything You Need to Know About Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are an energy-efficient source of heating and cooling. Using electricity to strategically extract heat from one place and transfer it to another, a heat pump system is versatile and cost-effective. In the same way that your refrigerator works, heat pumps...

Energy Saving Potential of Tankless Water Heater Installation

Tankless water heater systems, also known as instantaneous water heaters, provide hot water to households on an as-needed basis. This means that homeowners across the areas of Stewartsville, Phillipsburg, Bethlehem, and Nazareth, can now significantly reduce their...

5 Signs it’s Time to Contact a Boiler Repair Expert

When homeowners notice that something seems to be wrong with their boiler, it is imperative that they act as quickly as possible and call a professional repair company for help. Putting off boiler repair can push problems further into the future, drastically making...