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We do agree that there are a lot of home remodelling tasks that one can do on its own.  But if there is one thing that should never be done by homeowners then that has to be fixing your pipes as a plumber

Plumbing tasks come with a lot of risks. If you don’t know how to replace your pipe correctly or clean the sewer pipe, then there are definite chances of you ending up in trouble. Hence, letting an experienced and certified professional is the way forward.  

The benefits of getting the job done by professionals just don’t stop there. We have compiled a list that will help you in not making the mistake of doing a DIY effort again. 

1. If You Are Not A Plumber Then Even The Smallest of Mistakes Can Be Costly

If you plan to paint your wall or hang wallpaper, there are chances that you will eventually end up making mistakes that can be easy to fix. But that is certainly not the case with plumbing tasks as one minor mistake can lead you to an expense of thousands of dollars. With that, your health might also be at risk with bacteria coming in through the house through leakages.

Licensed plumber gets trained for years to make sure that your plumbing system remains from any leaks and they also know how to get around with raw sewage without causing any trouble. 

2. Certified Plumber Solves The Issues Quickly

If you are going to hire a certified plumber on time, they will be able to catch the leak or understand the entire problem within minutes because of their immense experience.  Always remember timely repairs can save you from mould and flooding issues later on. 

A professional plumber can also catch problems like damaged faucet o-rings, blocked sewer vents, and ageing water heaters within minutes. These issues will often be overlooked by you fixing your pipe and hence you might have to face emergency cases like a toilet backing up or a leak soaking an entire ceiling.

3. The Services Are Insured

In case you injure yourself while trying to fix the pipes on your own, you will end up bearing medical expenses. If an unlicensed, uninsured contractor gets injured while doing your plumbing tasks, there is a probability that you might end up using your homeowner’s insurance to cover the costs. Also, any structural damage will be on you. 

But if you hire insured plumbing companies like Edwin Stipe, such companies come with their insurance policy which acts as a guarantee of quality as well. So, there is always nothing to worry about even if someone from the company’s plumbing team gets injured.

4. Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Certified plumbers offer solutions that are based on keeping you away from plumbing problems for years. You can always call a professional team to clean your drain lines before they become completely clogged, replace the ageing pipes before a burst takes place, or replace worn toilet parts so that your toilet tank never leaks.

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