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In your home, you have the power to save energy and money. In this article, we show you how easy it is to cut your energy usage at home with these easy and practical solutions you can use today. You can also make use of our plumbing solutions at Edwin Stipe.


TIP 1:

Reduce the temperature on your water heater thermostat  so that you don’t use an excessive amount of hot water when you shower or do the dishes. Remember to fix any leaks or broken faucets in your bathroom: they are likely to increase your energy bill.



TIP 2:

Keep the lid on the pot when you cook: this will assist you in conserving heat and energy. Remember the size of the pot should match the size of the stove plate: this can save electricity.


TIP 3:

Switch off lights, fans, computers, and other energy consuming appliances when you are not using them.


TIP 4:

For savings on water heating, repair leaking faucets promptly. Water heating is the second largest energy expense in your home. You can also try and drain a quart of water from your water heater tank every three months – this is to remove remains that obstruct heat transfer and lowers the productivity of your heater.


TIP 5:

You can also try switching to energy-efficient lighting – one of the quickest ways to reduce your energy bill. Timers and motion sensor lights are great: they save you more money and reduce the number of times lights are on but not used. There are several lights to choose from, for example, the most popular are Halogen incandescent lights that can last up to three times longer than traditional lights.


These tips can help you save a ton of money in the interim; giving you peace of mind. Contact Edwin Stipe, Inc. today if you need further assistance.

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