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Making sure that your furnace is in good working condition before the freezing winter starts will prevent unnecessary furnace repair. What could be worse than waiting for replacement parts for your furnace when it is just as cold on the inside of your home as it is on the outside?


Preventing this is easy by simply keeping these warning signs in mind when you inspect the furnace:

  • Noises:
  • If you are using your furnace and you hear a strange noise other than the usual furnace sounds, it is better to call the help of a furnace repair professional.


  • Yellow flame:
  • When a furnace is functioning properly, it will distribute a blue flame. When the flame turns yellow, it is a sure sign that your furnace can be leaking carbon monoxide which is very harmful to those who inhale it. Getting an expert to have a look at your furnace will eliminate any further damage.


  • Insufficient heat:
  • Should you notice that you need to turn up the heat of your furnace constantly, it is a clear sign that you need to have your furnace checked for any damage.


Warning signs you will notice when using the furnace

  • Electricity usage:
  • If you notice that you are paying a significantly higher amount on your electricity bills each month while using your furnace, you need to get a professional to assist you with any heater repair you may need.


  • Home conditions:
  • If your furnace is not working properly, you might notice an increase in dust and dry air inside your home. This can cause allergies, asthma and other health conditions that can be corrected by having a professional look at your furnace and repair it if needed.


Edwin Stipe Inc. can help you with all your furnace needs and even offer finance and service plans. For more information about our heating system repair services, do not hesitate to give us a call.

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