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When homeowners notice that something seems to be wrong with their boiler, it is imperative that they act as quickly as possible and call a professional repair company for help. Putting off boiler repair can push problems further into the future, drastically making them more expensive and damaging to the home. But the challenge for most property owners across Stewartsville, Phillipsburg, Bethlehem, and Nazareth is that they don’t know the signs of looming boiler repair issues. In this article, the team at Edwin Stipe, Inc. outlines 5 signs that it’s time to contact a boiler repair specialist.

1. Unusual Sounds Coming from the System

Sounds such as hissing coming from the boiler system could indicate that there are iron or sludge deposits lodged in the system. These deposits can cause uneven water distribution and may eventually result in the system overheating or simply shutting down completely. This type of issue should be closely analyzed by a repair expert at the earliest convenience to protect the system against long-term damage.

2. The Boiler is Producing Strange Odors

When the boiler begins producing strange odors, it’s important to call a boiler repair specialist as soon as possible. The smell coming from the boiler may be the result of a gas leak that can be hazardous to health if not resolved. HVAC specialists will be able to use industry testing equipment to analyze the system, determine the cause of the odor, and resolve the issue while protecting everyone in the home.

3. Water Leaks

Some homeowners, especially those with older systems, may notice water beginning to leak out of their boiler after years of performance. There could be many factors behind theses water leaks; anything from simple corrosion of the inner components to outside material damage is a possibility. Homeowners should try to respond to a boiler leak issue as quickly as possible to ensure that the leak doesn’t become larger and more costly the more the water runs into the system.

4. No Heat Coming from the Boiler

When a boiler simply stops operating during one of those busy weekend days, it can be exceptionally frustrating. The problem could be related to a broken component or an airlock within the system. In addition, low water levels could be a leading factor behind the issue. By analyzing the problem alongside a boiler repair expert, the solution can be quickly found to help get the system operating to peak capacity again.

5. Pilot Light Has Gone Out

When the pilot light goes out, it could be a sign that there’s a significant issue with the system. The problem could be related to the thermocouple or simply a deposit build-up in the pilot light area. Working with a trusted industry specialist can help ensure the issue is resolved quickly and cost-effectively.
Without the requisite industry training and expertise, it’s unsafe and potentially financially costly to try to resolve boiler issues on your own. Contact the team at Edwin Stipe, Inc. to learn more on the signs that professional boiler repair work is required at (877) 337-8473.
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