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Homeowners in the United States spend over $29 billion on air conditioning. This amount is besides the cost of maintenance and the cost of energy. Home air conditioning consumes up to 6% of all household energy consumption!

Maintenance costs for older air conditioning units can be a headache for homeowners. Without regular cleaning, A/C (Air conditioning) units reduce household air quality.  As homeowners say goodbye to their old systems and look to purchase new efficient systems, they’re finding that ductless air conditioning can be a great option for them.

Ductless air conditioning is a great way to control the temperature indoors.  Here are some of the best ductless air conditioner benefits.

1. Enables You to Zone the House

Rarely will all the occupants of a house agree on which temperature is the most comfortable for them. It may be that you prefer different temperatures for different sections of the house.

You may want the living room warmer than the store or the bedroom. When you install a ductless air conditioner in each room, you can set temperature in every place as you wish.

2. Saves Your Money

Cooling consumes a significant percentage of household energy budgets. This budget increases during the summer. A ductless system consumes less energy than a central HVAC (Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system.

Ductless systems also enable you to switch off air conditioning in the rooms that aren’t in use. This is unlike traditional HVAC where you cool the whole house.

Compressors used in traditional air conditioners use more energy than the ones used in ductless systems. Duct leaks in central air conditioning units lower unit efficiency. Ductless systems remove the possibility of ducts leaking.

Another area of savings is when you’ve added a space in your house such as a finished basement. With a traditional A/C system, you need to have ducts installed. With ductless systems, all you need to do is get the best ductless air conditioner for that space and install.

3. Control over the Position of the Units

Experts have to determine the location of air conditioning ducts when the building is being designed. A mechanical engineer does the designs, and you have little say on their positioning.

Location of the ducts determines position of the unit. With ductless systems, you have input on where you want the units to be located in all the rooms in your house.

4. Quicker Installation

When you want to install or repair central air conditioning units, contractors could be at your home for days. When installing for the first time, they’ve got to install the ducts. For that to happen, you may have to relocate.

The presence of technicians makes it difficult for you to use the house. With a ductless system, the technicians are in and out within a day. Therefore, your privacy is less disrupted.

5. Better than a Window Unit

Window air conditioning units are ductless but since they’re placed on windows, many people consider them unattractive and obtrusive.  Also, the window may not be positioned in a way that would optimize the effectiveness of the A/C unit. A ductless air conditioning system allows you to place it in a good location for the space. The appearance and efficacy makes it a better option over the window unit.

6. Allows You to Change the Layout of Your House from Time to Time

Most people like to change the layout of their house from time to time. This change of plan may include the position of furniture and other appliances.

With an ordinary ducted a/c system, you’re somewhat limited by the locations of your ductwork.

With a mounted ductless system, this isn’t the case. You can give your house the look you want without missing out on optimal cooling.

7. Provides Better Quality Air

Molds and other impurities usually grow inside air conditioning ducts. The impurities are then blown into the house, which reduces air quality.

The concentration of these impurities in traditional air conditioning units is high. The higher level of pollutants is due to the more significant area on which they can gather inside the ducts.

Ductless systems have relatively purer air because the area of concentration for dirt is smaller. They also use a multi-layer filtration, which reduces the amount of impurities.

8. Ductless Systems are Easier to Clean

Like in all other air conditioning systems, it’s advisable to clean your A/C system regularly. A ductless air conditioning unit requires less work to clean.

You can learn to clean it yourself even if you have limited technical skills. You’ll want to clean the filter once every month.

If there is a regular source of impurities in your house, you can increase the frequency of cleaning the filter. The source of contaminants may be the presence of a live-in pet, smoke, etc.

9. You Can Choose the Best Ductless Air Conditioner for Saving Space

These systems are compact when compared to central A/C systems. They consist of an outdoor heat pump and an indoor unit. One outdoor heat pump can have as many as four indoor units connected to it.

A ductless system allows the installation of a ceiling cassette which makes it even more discreet.

Ductless A/C is Most Suitable for Smaller Homes

If your home is more than two thousand square feet, you may be best served by a central HVAC system. If your home is smaller than that, you should shop for the best ductless air conditioner for your home.

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