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If you’ve been told it’s time for a system upgrade, well, then it’s also time to get familiar with SEER before you replace your air conditioning unit.


The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, or SEER, is the best way to evaluate and compare new air conditioning systems.

If your system is older, say 12-15 years old, its SEER rating is most likely a 10 SEER or less. Many air conditioning systems have ratings of 20 SEER or more, which is twice the efficiency of the older system.

The graph above shows the annual cost savings potential for a range of SEER ratings.

While the potential savings on equipment given the higher SEER ratings looks irresistible, it doesn’t mean you need to necessarily purchase the highest 19.5 SEER-rated air conditioning unit you can find.  Highly rated systems cost more upfront, so you would want to measure that increase in price vs. the savings.

If you’re considering an air conditioning system upgrade, give Edwin Stipe in Easton a call at 610-258-0201. We’d be glad to help you make an informed energy-efficient system decision.

For more of an explanation on Air Conditioning Efficiency and SEER Ratings, please check our video:

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