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A ductless air conditioner installation in your home is going to make it cool and pleasant during summer. They are one of the modern world’s most fantastic inventions, keeping your home comfortable during the long, scorching days. While this type of air conditioning might make sense for your home, keep in mind that ductless air conditioners must be regularly maintained and serviced just like conventional air conditioning systems to keep them in tip-top condition.

Ductless air conditioning needs no ductwork and can be installed virtually anywhere. Instead of cooling air with one central air handler that blows air through the ducts, ductless systems send refrigerant directly to multiple small air handlers or blowers that are installed in one or more areas in your home. These air handler units are installed on the wall or ceiling of each room.

A major reason why people opt for ductless air conditioners instead of central air conditioners is because the process is much less involved. Instead of having to open up walls or disturb the interior of your home, you can have an experienced technician install a ductless air conditioning system with minimal disruption and potentially significant cost savings.

If you do not have ductwork or live in a home that cannot accommodate ductwork, ductless may be your way to go. Some homeowners who are building additions or finishing their basements or attics find that it is less costly to add a ductless air conditioner than to connect the new room(s) to existing ductwork.

Since each ductless air conditioning unit works independently of the others, the temperature of every room is controlled separately. This provides individualized comfort as well as energy savings from not having to heat or cool rooms that you are not using.

Should you have any questions or would like to get an estimate on a new ductless air conditioner installation, just give the expert installers here at Edwin Stipe, Inc. a call.

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