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With the temperatures of the summer season about to hit their peak, now is an excellent time to troubleshoot your central air conditioning unit for minor things before anything major goes wrong. Here are a few suggestions for getting this task accomplished:

Check the Filters – This task is quite simple and easily accomplished by the homeowner. Simply open the louvered panel located on the main intake duct and examine the filter. Dirt and other contaminants will build up on the filter blocking the easy passage of air into the system. Plan on replacing this filter at least two times per year – once at the beginning of summer and once at the end.

Test the Thermostat – The brains of your central HVAC, the thermostat can make or break the system’s overall efficiency. The homeowner should periodically check that the system is turning on and off at the desired times and temperatures. If a problem is noticed, it is usually best to call in an experienced AC technician to identify and resolve the problem. The cost of the service call can be recouped within a month or two due to lowered monthly utility bills.

Examine the Ductwork – Admittedly, this task takes a little time but it is well worth the effort as leaky or crimped ductwork can significantly diminish the efficiency of your HVAC system. With either of these aforementioned problems, not only will your utility bills be higher but your living space will not be nearly as comfortable. Also, identifying the problem is just the first step. Secondly, it is usually best to call in a licensed A/C repair company to rectify the problem.

Listen to the Unit – Another great troubleshooting tip is to simply listen to the unit. It should be fairly quiet with no rattles, hiccups or squeaks. Any of these latter sounds can be indicative of loose belts, poorly lubricated motors or even misaligned parts. Again, it is quite easy for a homeowner to determine that there is a problem but a professional should be called in to handle any repairs.

Call in the Professionals – Troubleshooting a modern HVAC unit is part science with a touch of art. In other words, you need to not only understand the workings of the unit, but some practical experience working with them aids in the process immensely. For this reason, many homeowners prefer to leave the entire process in the hands of a reliable, professional team. If you choose this route – and it is a truly good way to go – it is best to have your system checked once before the summer season to prepare it for the busiest time of the year and once afterwards to ensure that any minor problems are discovered before they become major ones.

For more information on troubleshooting your A/C unit in particular or on central air conditioning repair in general, please contact us at Edwin Stipe, Inc.  We have many years of air conditioning experience helping customers with all major A/C brands and we’d like to help you too. We can be found online at EdwinStipe.com or you can reach us directly at 1-877-337-8473.

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