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With the summer on its way, many homeowners across Stewartsville, Phillipsburg, Bethlehem and Nazareth are now reviewing their air conditioning systems to ensure optimal performance for the warmer months ahead. Many will discover that, through the months of limited usage, their systems now have mechanical issues that need to be resolved before the temperature levels peak. Now, the team at Edwin Stipe, Inc. is helping homeowners across the region analyze their air conditioner repair requirements by reviewing the following four common repair challenges.
    1. Sensor Problems:  Room air conditioners require a thermostat with a sensor to help detect and achieve the optimal temperature for the environment. Oftentimes, homeowners find that their air conditioning systems cycle constantly or behave erratically due to a faulty sensor. Sometimes, this is due to the sensor being knocked out of position away from the wall. However, it may also be related to the sensor’s positioning if installed recently by an unqualified person. For example, sensor units installed in small rooms might be the root cause of system cycling, as they may reach the desired temperature for the smaller space quickly, without warming up the entire home.
    1. Drainage Issues:  The condensation pump within an air conditioner plays a critical role in moving moisture away from the system and circulating it. If this pump breaks down, homeowners find that the water pools in the air conditioning area and repair is urgently required to prevent lasting damage. Problems with drainage are also associated with higher air conditioning costs for homeowners. And so property owners must be proactive in checking for signs of drainage problems, and contact a professional immediately for air conditioning repair work.
    1. Refrigerant Leaks The performance of any air conditioning system is optimal when that system has the ideal amount of refrigerant within it. However, when homeowners discover a refrigerant leak, the solution is not to simply add more refrigerant to the system. The homeowner must harness the expertise of a local professional to help find the source of the leak and ensure that any area in which refrigerant is continually leaking is secured and resolved. Professionals can also work to test the repair work to ensure that the system is secure in the long-term. This testing work can help guard against any system inefficiencies that could be costly to the homeowner.
  1. Control Failure  The electric controls within an air conditioning system are subject to wear and tear. This is especially true of air conditioners that are turned off and on frequently. Service professional have to test electrical connections during service calls to ensure any problems are not related to wiring corrosion or other electrical issues within the air conditioning mechanism.
By working with trained air conditioning repair professionals, homeowners can ensure a summer of high efficiency air conditioner performance. To learn more about air conditioner servicing requirements, contact the experts at Edwin Stipe, Inc. today at 610-258-0201.
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