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Having water filtration systems installed in your home will help keep your drinking water free of debris and unwanted bacteria. Eliminating the harmful chemicals in your home’s water system will prevent you and your family being at risk of getting sick because of contaminated water.


If you want to find out what chemicals and minerals are in your water, you need the help of a professional water quality checker to test your water and write a report on the findings. Quality checks are done to determine the levels of pH, bacteria, metals and other contaminants in the water. Once you have the water test results, you can determine what kind of water filtration system you need to install.


Know what home filtration will work best

Choosing a home water filtration system is easy when you know which one will suit your needs:

    • POU systems:

The point-of-use system is used where water can directly be found such as in the kitchen. The water purification system is usually installed under the sink.


    • Carbon filters:

Carbon is effectively used when purifying water and works well when using it in a filtration system


    • Reverse osmosis:

With this system, water is pumped through a membrane that clears most impurities found in water.


    • Distillers:

These systems heat water until it turns into a vapor and then condenses the vapor back into liquid, clearing debris and harmful chemicals from contaminated water.


    • Ultraviolet light:

An ultraviolet light is used to kill bacteria and micro-organisms that might be harmful when consumed.


    • POE systems:

Point-of-entry systems are installed where the water flows into your house and the water is cleaned and purified before it enters your home.


Edwin Stipe Inc. has a team that specializes in water filtration systems and even offers finance and service plans. For more information, please give us a call today.

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