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2017 has finally arrived and we have promised not to make the same mistakes we did in 2016. The New Year has made us take note of the importance to make our homes more energy efficient: this can not only benefit you by saving you money but can also help the environment.


Why make your home energy efficient:

An energy efficient home will keep your family comfortable and will save you money. There are many benefits of having an energy efficient home: it will make your home more attractive and will attract more buyers when you decide to sell it. Making your home energy efficient does not mean that you should shower with cold water or not make any food; it simply means that you should reduce your usage of all utility appliances: you could lower your thermostat on the water heater, take shorter showers, air-dry clothes instead of using a tumble dryer, and many more simple tasks you can utilize to reduce your energy bill and save money.


How to make your home energy efficient:

Making your home energy efficient is very simple. You can start by fixing all leaking faucets (remember leaking utilities increase your energy bill) – get a plumber to fix leaking taps or to remove any obstructions that lower the productivity of your appliances. You can replace your shower caps with low-flow showerheads for additional energy savings. Unplug your home electronics such as your TV and DVD players – this will reduce your use of electricity. If you have an older home, you need to improve your home’s insulation – it will prevent you from paying high energy bills and being bothered by outside noise. Focus also on your heating and cooling system: regardless of the type of system you have in your home, you can save money if you maintain or upgrade it. You can also invest in energy saving light bulbs: there are bulbs available that are three times more efficient than the traditional ones.


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