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Improperly regulated humidity levels can decrease the comfort of your home and lead to numerous negative consequences. Older homes are most at risk for improper humidity levels and thus should be handled with greater care. At Edwin Stipe Inc., we are very familiar with these downsides and have seen them first hand over the years in our furnace repair services. Take a look at some of the ways your home can suffer from improper humidity levels below.

Damage to furniture and household item

Any kind of furniture or household items made of wood can be damaged through poorly maintained humidity levels. For example, wooden couches and musical instruments can warp, crack and dry out due to insufficient moisture, causing you to invest more money in their repair or replacement. Regular furnace repair and maintenance will cost you far less money in the long run and prevent these problems from occurring in the first place.

Health issues

Decreased moisture in the air during cold weather can lead to a variety of health problems including bleeding noses, cracked and itchy skin, and difficulty breathing. With a proper heating system in place, you can eliminate these risks and ensure that the humidity levels in your home are always at optimal levels.

For those with a baby in the house, improper humidity levels can pose a danger to their body since they are less adaptable to varying or extreme humidity levels. Most doctors recommend keeping the humidity in your baby’s room between 50% and 70%. Without a properly working furnace, the risk of humidity fluctuations is higher, which could put your baby in danger.

Lower energy bills

Extra moisture in your home not only ensures the safety of your health and personal belongings, it can lower your month energy bill. Moist air takes much less energy to heat and will keep your thermostat lower, maintaining the comfort level of your home and saving you money.

Decreased bacterial growth

When humidity levels get too high, condensation can accumulate in high-humidity areas such as basements and laundry rooms, stimulating the growth of bacteria and mold and attracting cockroaches and termites. This can have negative health effects on you and your family and also damage your home. If you run into any of these problems, give our furnace repair professionals a call and we can rid you of these problems for good.

Maintaining optimal humidity levels will ensure that your home’s moisture levels never get too high or too low, ensuring that you never run into the problems listed above. If your home is showing any signs of the above or you think it is at risk, give our furnace repair professionals at Edwin Stipe, Inc. a call at (877) 337-8473.

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