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There are some essential bathroom plumbing services you need to plan for when remodeling your bathroom, particularly if you will need to hook up fittings and pipes to old plumbing systems or need old plumbing infrastructure replaced. Bathrooms use the most plumbing and take the heaviest toll on plumbing systems.

If you are remodeling an old bathroom in a home you have just purchased, you have no idea how often the plumbing was serviced and maintained or what problems have occurred in the past – or are about to occur.

Bathrooms are the most likely areas for leaks and other problems associated with wear and tear or badly installed plumbing.

Bathroom remodeling and extension plumbing services include:

  • Replacement of old worn out pipes and fixtures
  • Installation of water saving fixtures
  • Pipe and crack repair
  • Gas fixture installation, repair or replacement
  • Installation of new sinks, bath-tubs and showers and toilets
  • Bathroom plumbing repair and preventative maintenance – including drain cleaning and blockage clearing to prevent future problems
  • Water pressure restoration

With 120 years in the plumbing business, servicing a wide area including Bethlehem PA, experienced plumbers Edwin Stipe can assist you with your bathroom plumbing and related bathroom remodeling needs. We can also set you up with a servicing plan to help you keep your plumbing and other systems in pristine condition.

Contact us today for more information on how we can help you with an estimate on your plumbing needs and advice on our financing and service plans.

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