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As the sunny days start increasing in number, and the slightly warm house starts turning into a heated oven, it’s high time you need to start using your HVAC to cool the temperature down a bit. The whole idea of turning on the air conditioner may seem very interesting and soothing when you think of the warmer days ahead, but the triggering factor among them is the fact that you may need your HVAC repair or service for it to function properly.

How do you analyze whether your AC needs repairing or not?

Once you turn your air conditioner on and use it for a while, you will find out some changes that might indicate that you need your HVAC repair. Here are a few of them  

Do The AirCheck!

The only thing your air conditioner is required to do is blow cool air into the room. If it fails to do so and you feel that the air conditioner is blowing warm air into the room, this means there’s something wrong. 

The first thing you need to do is check the thermostat. If the thermostat is on the cool settings, then this means you need the help of Edwin Stipe’s HVAC repair professionals to fix it for you.

When an air conditioner throws warm air, it means it either needs a wash or a replacement of one of its parts that has malfunctioned. Our trained professionals can figure it out within a short time and fix the problem for you quickly. This will allow you to start using your Ac within a short while.

Insufficient Airflow Before HVAC Repair

The air conditioner usually throws a good amount of air from the duct. One way to figure out whether something is wrong with the air conditioner if the room isn’t comfortable in a while is to check if the airflow is normal. If you feel like the airflow is not normal, then you need to call our repair team to come and check what’s wrong.

High Humidity

Your air conditioner is supposed to take out the humidity from the room and they also have special settings for high humidity days. If your Ac is making the rooms more humid then there is either something wrong with its settings or with the machinery. In such a case you will also need the help of professionals with your HVAC repair.

Water Leaks Before HVAC Repair

People often complain that their HVACs drip too much water when turned on. This is not a good sign. Either its machinery is getting heated up, or there is a leakage which you can’t see from the outside. Let our HVAC repair professionals take a look at it.

Bad Odors Before HVAC Repair

Bad odors coming out of your HVAC is another sign that you need to call our HVAC repair team to get the AC checked. Bad odors mean whether there is something stuck in the filters or duct. 

Unusual Noises

A smooth functioning Ac is quite like a tiger on a hunt so if your HVAC is making an unusual noise, it is a sign that you need our help with HVAC repair.

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