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spring homeowner maintenance tipsThe warmer weather is on its way across the area and so it’s time to check around to make sure your plumbing performs for the months ahead.  A plumber can inspect your home and resolve any plumbing problems that might cause lasting damage to your property if not quickly resolved. The team at Edwin Stipe, Inc. is offering three tips to homeowners in readying their property for the spring and summer seasons.
    1. Review Irrigation Systems Immediately
Irrigation systems will form a crucial element within the defense of garden areas during the heat of spring and summer. In-ground irrigation systems might have been cracked during the cooler weather and pipes that are cracked might begin leaking as temperatures rise. Homeowners should begin their post-winter home analysis by switching on their irrigation systems to ensure optimal performance. Should water enter the home after switching on the system, this could be a sign that professional help from a plumber is required on short notice.
    1. Check Sump Pump Performance
The sump pump area can become saturated when the winter snow begins to melt away. This melting can cause flooding in basement areas and other parts of a property if not kept in-check. Homeowners can attend to this maintenance task by simply gathering a bucket full of water and pouring the water into the sump pit. The system should turn on and discharge the water through the piping. It should then shut off when this task is completed. Homeowners should watch for any signs of mechanical issues during this process to help prevent leaking within the home that could cause thousands of dollars in damage.
    1. Clean Gutters
In order to protect the areas around the home from the problems associated with water intrusion, all gutters and downspouts should be cleared of debris. This is a simple process that homeowners can complete by utilizing only a household brush and a step ladder, but it can be a process that could both help prevent structural damage to the property, and ensure that water remains on the exterior of the home and not inside.
These are simple maintenance tips that any homeowner across Phillipsburg, Bethlehem, Nazareth and Stewartsville, NJ can complete. But any problems noted during the maintenance work should be reviewed by a professional. Working with a trusted specialist plumber can help ensure that the home is ready for the warmer weather. To learn more on the spring maintenance process, contact the team at Edwin Stipe, Inc. directly at (610) 258-0201.
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