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Everything must come to an end and the same rule applies to your water heaters. Well-maintained water heaters can serve up to a decade if you take care of them regularly. Without any doubt, water heaters are among the most essential appliances in a home. 

Day-to-day activities without a functioning water heater become almost impossible. From dishes and showering to laundry, your water heater needs to not only work but to work perfectly. 

If you don’t want to experience any breakdown, make sure your water heaters are in good working condition. Over time, appliances tie up and they need repair or replacement as per the condition. 

Following this, Edwin Stipe, Inc. is always available to provide standard repair and replacement services. All of us want to keep water heaters in good conditions but ultimately failure is a must. So how would you know if your water heater needs repair or replacement? Keep reading!

Rust in the Water

The common components of water heaters are anode rods to take harmful material out of the water. These rods need timely replacement to perform serious work. 

If you find rust in the water and rods are not replaced too long ago, the water heaters might be faulty. If the water has rust or reddish coloration, call Edwin Stipe, Inc. immediately for the timely fixation of the plumbing and water heaters.

Low Water Pressure

Water pressure is hard to gauge on a daily basis for the untrained eye. Experts say that low water pressure is always accompanied by plenty of sediment in the water. 

The cause behind it is the pressure differential being incapable of separating the material from water as it reaches the faucet. Therefore, if you notice sediments or other forms of particulates in the water, the aging water heaters are likely to be suspect.

Puddles Around and Beneath the Water Heaters

No matter how good the hot water heaters are maintained, they slip in functionality over time. For a sane mind, it is obvious that if you are not getting hot water, the water heaters are the way out. 

With the passage of time as it slows down, the heater will have trouble heating the water. If the water is cold, it is high time to dial for the replacement. Further, leaks are never a good thing as far as plumbing is concerned. 

Some of the leaks are fixable and small; others are equal to the death knell for the system. Large puddles beneath and around the water heaters mean it is time to call the experts.

When Is the Time to Change Your Water Heaters?

Although a water heater is not the most expensive home appliance one owns, still no one wants to throw his money away on the repair or replacement. 

You should consider replacing the water heater if:

  • If the current water heater is more than ten years old
  • You are facing regular repairing problems
  • The cost of repairing is equal or close to the price of a new unit
  • You want to switch to tankless water heaters

Edwin Stipe, Inc. has been servicing Lehigh Valley and New Jersey 24/7 for over 120 years. Our reputation as a trustworthy and reliable plumbing repair, service, and installation company has kept us going to grow and strengthen. 

We are professional and stand by our quality work. Whenever you find any plumbing, drain, or water heating problems let us know and feel relaxed.

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