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Can you imagine living without your air conditioner for even a single day during the summers? The answer will most definitely be a NO considering the way global warming has made surviving in heat almost near to impossible.  

With that being said, not only are air conditioners becoming expensive, their maintenance can also be a headache. For a similar reason, a lot of people also avoid regular checkups of air conditioners by professionals. But at the same time, what they do forget is that timely checkups can protect you from big problems that might arise ahead.

As we decided to give you a brief overview of air conditioning maintenance tips, your job is to imply what we recommend and we bet that these tips will not only make your air conditioners last long but also keep you protected from expensive repair costs. 

You Must Replace Filters of Your Air Conditioner Regularly

Starting off with the easiest and the most effective way to keep your air conditioner working properly at all times, you must clean the filters. While the frequency of how often you should replace your filter depends greatly on the kind of air conditioner you have and how much you use it, your filters should be cleaned at least once every year. 

By doing so your air conditioner will keep on running efficiently and the air quality will also remain great. 

Hose The Entire AC Once In A While

With time, leaves, grass clipping, and other debris start to cover the outside of the air conditioning unit. A lot of people at first don’t consider it a big deal, but with time this can cause bigger problems for you. Hence, it is better to clean off the AC unit right when you begin to see the build-up happening. You can wipe it with a piece of cloth or hose to spray the debris off.

Install The Outer Unit Of Air Conditioner Under A Shade

If you want your air conditioner to work at its best capacity without consuming a lot of electricity, then you have to make sure that the outer unit is installed under any shade. After all, your air conditioner unit has to use energy to keep your space cool during the hot months of summer; so having the outer unit under a shade will result in a lot less workload on the entire unit. 

Cover Your AC

It is considered to be a great practice to cover your AC once the season is over. We are talking about the months of fall, winter, and parts of spring (only if your air conditioner doesn’t also offer heat).  

You can cover it up with a simple tarp or any other thick cover which will keep your AC protected from any kind of residue during the winter months that can possibly enter your AC unit. 

Give these a try and you will thank the experts of Edwin Stipe who have got all the experience and skillset to make sure that your AC works the best at all times.

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