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One of the most frustrating things to witness is not being able to flush the toilet. If you are facing the same issue then here’s the good news, it can be fixed easily!

Our team at Edwin Stipe can help you with this problem. There are different factors due to which your flush can have issues in flushing. We will mention all the reasons due to which a flushing problem can arise and how we can help cater to it.

The List Chain Has Too Much Slack Of Toilet

Sometimes the lift chain has a lot of slack due to which when you push the button to flush it doesn’t work. An easier way to fix it is to remove the tank lid and shorten the length of the lift chain till the slack finishes. You can now flush water without any problem. However, if there isn’t a sack in the lift chain then you need to call your plumber.

A clogged toilet

Toilets get clogged due to different reasons. If you’re flushing away a lot of toilet paper or sanitary items. There can be instances when someone may have dropped a toy or something in the toilet which most likely results in clogging. 

You can use acid or a plunger to remove or dissolve products that are dissolvable but if the clogging has moved deeper into the pipes then you’ll have to call a plumber to fix the problem because such a clogging becomes an out of hand job for DIY tasks.

Low water level

In order to flush the toilet, you need to have enough water in the bowl. If your toilet doesn’t have enough water, it won’t flush. The float ball in your toilet may have been misadjusted. When it is brought back to its original position, the water in the bowl will then accumulate to the required levels.

The flapper is warped

One of the signs of the flapper of your flush being warped is when you notice your toilet is running often or the water keeps coming into the bowl for a long time after the flush. When the flapper bends or is warped over time, it will be unable to seal the flush tube hole and prevent water from flushing the toilet. A plumber can help fix the problem for you in no time by either installing a new flapper or fixing the old one.

Problem with the drain line or sewer

Having a problem with your drain lines or your sewers is like a big disaster. If there is a clog somewhere in your drain lines or the sewers, then it will make it hard for you to flush your toilet. This problem will demand the work of a professional to help unclog the pipes that are creating hindrances in your sewer system or your plumbing and make sure that all the clogs in every part of your plumbing system are removed. Plumbers often have cameras that they insert into pipes and locate the clogged areas.

These were some of the reasons which might be causing problems in making your toilet flush properly.

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